Homestead Credit / Military Exemption

Homestead Credit Application

If you have recently purchased a new or different home and have not been to the Assessor's Office to sign your Homestead Credit Application, be sure to do so at your earliest convenience. If the property you were occupying as a homestead is sold, or if you cease to use the property as a homestead you are required to report this to the Assessor in whose jurisdiction the property is located.

Military Exemption

Also if you have ever served active duty in the military during a war/conflict bring an original or a certified copy of your DD-214 discharge papers to be recorded at the Recorders office. Then stop in the Assessors office to file the Military Exemption Application.

If the home qualifies and the property owner files on or before 07-01, the exemption will go into effect for the current assessment year. If the property owner files after 07-01, the exemption will go into effect the year following the sign up.

Use on One Piece of Property

You are only allowed to have Homestead and Military Exemptions on one piece of property through out the state.

Completing the Forms

Homestead and Military Exemption forms may not be completed online. You must come in to our office to apply for them, be sure to visit us Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are located at 101 1st Street N, Room 105, on the first floor of the Courthouse.