School & Licensed Child Care Center Immunization

Jasper County Immunization Audit Information

Jasper County School and Daycare Immunization Audits 2016-2017 School Year

Summary for School and Daycare Immunization Audits

  1. School Audit Question and Answer- If you have any questions visit the Iowa Department of Public Health website.
  2. School Year - Find all the information you need to know about a school audit (PDF)
  3. School Audit Table- We will use this as a guide. The school will need total enrollment numbers.
    • To prepare please make sure all of the students that are enrolled by grade level have either Certificates of Immunization, Provisional Certificates, and/or Certificate of Immunization Exemptions (Medical or Religious) when we come to audit.
    • (These may be printed in IRIS. Nurses are allowed to sign the Certificate of Immunization if the record indicates a child is up-to-date on all school entry immunization requirements.)
    • We will mostly be looking at new students, Kindergarten and 7th grade immunization. Being highly organized is the key to making the audits go quickly.
  4. Iowa Immunization Requirements (PDF)
Iowa Department of Public Health