Business COVID-19 Resources

Please consider lifting those restrictions that require employees to have a doctor's excuse for illness.  The clinicians are currently inundated with serious illnesses, COVID-19 tests for those showing symptoms of the illness and other issues.  They will not be able to take the time to write a note for your employee.  Also you do not want your employee visiting a clinic where people displaying symptoms of COVID-19 have gone to get tested. 

If you have employees that have pre-existing conditions making them susceptible to serious consequences from contracting COVID-19, we are asking you to make every effort to allow them to work from home or allow them to take sick time to remain safe during this crisis. 

There are some preventative measures that can be taken to help keep you and your employees safe.  Consider having your employees take their temperature before they come to work and when they get home from work.  Any temperature over 100.4 degrees should be reported to a supervisor and that employee should stay home.  

Consider increasing cleaning of work surfaces at your facilities.  Cleaning should take place frequently throughout the day.  Any commercial cleaner is effective as is a mix of bleach and water. 

Increase social distancing at your workplace.  Consider allowing work from home where possible.  Limit sharing of equipment and using common workstations, break areas, etc. 

Finally, if you have an employee that displays any of the symptoms of COVID-19 (persistent cough, fever greater than 100.4, sore throat) they should be sent home immediately and advised to contact their medical provider.  Those in immediate contact with that employee should be considered for self quarantine and observation.